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On each live show, the contestants all sing, the television audience votes by telephone, SMS Internet, and via appsand then the contestant The Idol receives the fewest votes gets eliminated.

The final episode is the grand finale episode, when usually two, but sometimes three or four, finalists are left, and the contestant who gets the largest number of votes is declared the winner. The winner receives a recording contractmonetary prizes, and a title as their nation's "Idol", "SuperStar" or "Star". Sometimes one or more of the runners-up get recording contracts as well.

Kurt Nilsen who won in Norway. Ryan Malcolm and Kalan Porter who won in Canada. Some Idols contestants have also achieved success in acting and musical theater, most notably Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson of American Idol.

Fuller, along with television producer Nigel Lythgoewas inspired to create the series by the New Zealand television series Popstarswhich was adopted in the United Kingdom as Popstars in January The first series of Pop Idol proved to be more popular than Popstarsin part due to the chemistry of the judges and the success of its first winner Will Young.

Pop Idol ' s success led to an interest for adaptations in other countries. Before selling the format, Fuller reached out for an out-of-court settlement with Popstars creator Jonathan Dowling, in which international versions of Idols will be prohibited to use the prefix Pop in their local titles. As such, Poland, the first country to adapt the format, named their version as simply Idol.

Idol was launched inmonths after the first series of Pop Idol ended. Fuller, Lythgoe, and Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell attempted to sell the format in the United States inbut the idea was met with poor response from major networks.

Elisabeth Murdochdaughter of News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdochpersuaded her father to buy the rights for an American adaptation. American Idol went on to become the all-time most dominant show in the U. TV ratingsdue to the popularity of the judges particularly Simon Cowell and its contestants, which were led by its first winner, Kelly Clarkson. The success brought by American Idol led to even more adaptations in other countries, where the Dutch Idols became the top television series in the Netherlands during its airing.

There has been a global version of the franchise, called World Idol. The show was a television special, where winners of national Idol shows will compete against each other. The special was won by Kurt Nilsena singer from Norway. The channel uploads clips of Idol shows from around the world. The channel currently has over 1 million subscribers. There are many more channels like this.

Additionally, many individual Idol shows have their own YouTube channels. The show is a reality television singing competition where the winner is selected by the audience voting. The show combines a number of elements previously used by other shows such as Popstars — mass auditioning, the search of a new star, and the use of a judging panel that critiques the audtioners' performance and selects the contestants.

An important element is audience participation, where the audience may vote by telephone or text to decide which contestant can proceed further each week and ultimately win. According to the show creator, Simon Fuller, "the interactivity was important because this would allow the audience to tell me who they liked best and this, in turn, would indicate to me who would have the most fans and eventually sell the most music and become the biggest stars.

Each show has at least one host that directs the show, introduces the singers and delivers the results of each episode including the finale. A preselected panel of music industry representatives tour some, if not all audition cities depending on which show to observe and advance those auditioning throughout the show up to and including the Grand Finale.

As many as five stable jury members have appeared in any one Idol season Idol Poland 3Indonesian Idol 9though some versions offer "guest judges" or special musical guests on the program to also offer advice. Each stage of the theatre round, a number of contestants are eliminated and sent home by the judges, though in some countries there have been very few contestants brought back during the Wildcards show or by the disqualification or resignation of another contestant.

In American Idolthis stage has been expanded to five stages three in Hollywood, two in Las Vegas since season The semi-finals occurs usually live or pre-recorded in some countries where contestants sing in a television studio fully televised; again judges give critiques but beginning at this stage, home viewers vote via telephone and SMS and in some countries other voting mechanisms including via Internet or via Red Button who they want to stay in the competition.

During the "semi-final" weeks, contestants receive a workshop tuition with a vocal coach to prepare their song of choice. An average semi-final usually consists of 18 to 50 contestants where they either perform in an even group of contestants three groups of ten for example or in a "heat" type semi-final where the contestants sing every week until all finalists have been chosen. During the format, a Wildcards feature was introduced which re-introduced past semi-finalists to receive a second chance to become a finalist, in some shows — the judges sometimes pick one or more contestants to advance as well as the viewers' vote.

As of late, live audiences have been incorporated into the semi-final round. A results show of the semi-finals usually airs either a few hours after the performance show or the night after where the results are given. Three or four contestants are told that they may have received highest votes, though only a selected two or three are put through to the finals. The Live shows a. MottoshowsSpectacular shows or theme shows are an elaborate and spectacular version of the semi-final.

There is a weekly theme on which contestants must base their song choices, such as "80s Hits" or "Hits of Elton John " for example. In a bid to counter sagging ratings, contestants on Australian Idol were allowed to bring instruments on stage with them and had the opportunity to sing original material from the season, a world first. Since then America and Canada have followed Australia's lead.

Again a results show follows the show; this time it may include group performances, musical guests or extra footage of the contestants' time on the show. The live shows continue until there are only two contestants left in the competition or three contestants in some cases. The Grand Finale occurs when there are two or, rarely, three and only once so far four contestants left in the competition.

In this final stage a specially awarded song is sung by both remaining contestants which is ultimately slated to be released as the winner's debut single though recently in some countries this has been phased out.

Also, it has the best moments of the series which leads up to the announcement of the winner, which is determined by the highest number of votes. While the show's premise is to find one winner with promises of a recording deal and other frugal benefits, the Idol series often has several contestants who go onto the same route of fame, whether they be finalists, semi-finalists, or even auditioners. Key examples of this from American Idol include Clay Aiken second place, season 2 and Chris Daughtry fourth place, season 5through his band Daughtrywho have each outsold all American Idol winners except Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood ; Jennifer Hudson seventh place, season 3who would later win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress ; and William Hungwho turned his off-key season 3 audition into a recording career and has outsold some finalists.

In some cases, DVDs of highlights of the show will be released. While these releases have sold well in countries including the United States and Australia, many countries did not release CDs after the first series.

Since season 6American Idol has sold only promotional downloads instead of CDs. For season 6, it sold studio-recorded MP3 and performance video downloads of the finalists on its website; no CDs were sold prior to the post- Idol releases of winner Jordin Sparks and runner-up Blake Lewis. For season 7audio and video downloads are sold exclusively through the iTunes Storewhich became a sponsor in that season; the iTunes downloads have included audio of all semi-finalist performances, studio recordings and performance videos for all finalists, videos of finalist group performances, and audio and video performances from the Idol Gives Back episode.

Sony Music is the general record company associated and affiliated with the Idols format in most countries, though countries like IcelandVietnam and Kazakhstan have affiliate labels as they do not have a local Sony Music subsidiary. FremantleMedia and Sony Music were related through common parent Bertelsmannwhich owns SinceUniversal Music Group replaced Sony Music Entertainment as the general record company associated and affiliated with the Idols format in most countries. Channel 9 Season 4.

Many different versions of the Idol logo and show intro have been The Idol since Idol's inception in June The basic plan for the logo is an oval with the particular show's name centered in custom lettering based on a common font Kaufmann. Mostly the name of the show is written horizontally, however occasionally part of the name is angled upwards. The original Pop Idol logo featured an enhanced star in the logo.

The star also appeared briefly on the American Idol logo, but was scrapped early in the Season 1 auditions. As part of a relaunch after the first season, the French Nouvelle Star logo was changed to purple — the only logo to depart from the standard blue palette until Arab SuperStar season five had changed to the same color scheme also.

The original version of the Idol intro was created by Liquid TV Graphics in London which started with the dark blue Idol logo The Idol on the screen. A CGI human figure appears, with arms raised, intended to be the 'Idol' of the show's name. While the Idol figure sings, and then walks, images of guitars, microphones, cameras, and airplanes flow by, representing the life of a superstar.

During this, the gender of the figure alternates between male and female. Finally, the figure is again in front of the Idol logo, raising hands in victory. The American Idol intro was altered each season from Season 2, including new sound effects and replacing the jet airplanes with waving flags. The flag concept was also used in the Indian Idol intro, as well as displays of famous national landmarks The Idol in the first scene.

Ina new version of the Idol intro was created by Aerodrome Pictures in Los Angeles which first appeared on the Season 4 premiere of American Idol. The intro starts with the Idol logo without the dark blue background spinning in the American and Canadian version while the other Idol formats only glows and sparkles then the logo zooms in featuring a long section of the CGI Idol figure riding an open elevator past large vertical screens and displays and then walking down a stylized tunnel to a stage, where the figure starts to perform.

On this basic template, the American and Canadian versions are customized, with past Idol winners appearing on the screens in the American version, while the Canadian version's screens feature Canadian landmarks.

The intro starts with the Idol logo spinning behind a gyroscope then features real male and female Idol figures passing horizontal and arc displays then walking to an arena where the two figures start to perform.

The ending title of this intro is similar to the Universal Pictures logo of for the starry background and in for the earth model. The American, Australian, Canadian, Croatian, Latin American and Swedish versions are customized by featuring their past Idol winners in the horizontal and arc displays and last for 30 seconds. Other versions are also customized and last for 30 seconds without featuring their past winners.

Indian Idol used the Tunnel theme for the intro from to and in next season after that,Indian Idol used the 'Hall of Idols' theme, while Deutschland sucht den SuperStar used the 'Tunnel' theme for the intro untiluntil in till present, Deutschland sucht den SuperStar uses its own intro.

Only the French version lasts for 20 seconds. Ina new version of the Idol intro was created once again by Aerodrome Pictures in Los Angeles which first appeared on the Season 10 premiere of American Idol.

The intro starts with a stage being spotted under a spotlight from the sky. Then, a stylized bridge leading towards a screen is shown. Winners of Idolas well as notable alumni from past seasons are shown on the screen.

The camera turns to a pyramid -like shape blooming and a CGI figure appears, The Idol. Depending on the figure's gender in the intro, the figure would yield a different action in front of the American Idol logo and the huge "IDOL" word string in "American Idol" and "Indonesian Idol" not shown anymore since Season 9 but not in "Arab Idol" : the male figure raises his hand in victory and strikes a pose while the female figure raises her arms in victory before bowing down.

Sometimes, a female figure will appear. Mohammed is part of a ragtag band with his tomboy sister, Nour the magnetic Hiba Atallah, no relation to Qaisand two of their friends. They use makeshift instruments until they can save up enough money to buy real ones from a smuggler, and what they lack in talent they make up for in enthusiasm. Eventually, they play their first gig at a wedding despite the disapproval of their parents, who think they should spend time on more practical pursuits, given the world in which they live as refugees.

The other kids are often just plain stiff. Barhom plays it all with abiding earnestness regardless of the situation, and offers little insight into any other complex emotions that might exist inside this young man. We see Mohammed himself, meanwhile, from far away or in brief close-up on television against a fake background.

You can find Christy's writing at ChristyLemire. Read her answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here. Qais Atallah as Mohammed. Hiba Atallah as Nour. Tawfeek Barhom as Mohammed adult.


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  1. Joining Team Idol is to join extraordinary, skilled specialists. Expect high-energy, creativity and innovation. Challenge thinking and rebel against the ordinary.
  2. May 26,  · The Idol 1h 49min | Drama | February (UK) Marco, a young, arrogant art student, is friendly with Timothy, a medical student, and Sarah, his girl friend/10().
  3. If you're ever stranded on a desert island with a VCR (!), be sure you have The Idol with you. This is one of the most intelligent, erotic videos I have ever seen. And trust me, I have seen gazillions of gay porn videos. Most of them are just EXPLICIT depictions of sex. This is a series of intense, EROTIC stories that are incredibly sexually exciting/10(2).
  4. The Idol tells a fictionalized version of the life of Mohammed Assaf, wedding singer from a refugee camp in Gaza who went to win 's Arab Idol singing competition. The film starts out in in Gaza. Mohammed is a young child, playing in a band together with his tomboy sister Nour and two friends. Recognizing the possibilities Mohammed's incredible voice has to offer, Directed by: Hany Abu-Assad.
  5. May 19,  · Directed by Frank Thackery. With Andy Griffith, Brynn Thayer, Daniel Roebuck, John Beck. A young lawyer who apes Ben's style is involved in blackmail and murder.
  6. Jan 29,  · Directed by Samantha Lang. With Leelee Sobieski, James Hong, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Jalil Lespert. Zao, a retired cook living alone in an apartment. His day-to-day life consists mostly of routine; he meets with a fellow retiree, waters his plants, etc. But his predictable lifestyle is thrown for a loop with the arrival of Sarah (Sobieski), a free-spirited girl who .
  7. May 27,  · The Idol is a vehicle for Mohammed Assaf's voice: both his gorgeous musical one, and the voice of the oppressed people of Gaza. It was a masterfully told story of hope, and the triumph of the human spirit over a life of deadly occupation. Lisa Simeone • 3 years ago Haven't seen it yet but will be doing so in a few days.
  8. Define idol. idol synonyms, idol pronunciation, idol translation, English dictionary definition of idol. object of worship; a person blindly adored: The rock star was an idol to many teenagers. Not to be confused with: idle – not in use; unemployed; inactive.
  9. Idols Also known asIdol SuperStar Search for a Superstar GenreReality Created bySimon Fuller Developed byFremantle Theme music composerJulian Gingell Barry Stone Cathy Dennis Country of originUnited Kingdom Original languageVarious Production Running time22– minutes Production companyFremantle 19 Entertainment DistributorFremantle Release Original .

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