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Are you going to the South Island? Think insect repellent! Send a private message to Melnq8. Find More Posts by Melnq8. I agree with Melnq8, bring your usual preferred sunscreen in a ml 3. I've used many sunscreens over the years--I'm sure we all have. I've bought some that turned out to have the spreadability of glue, that stayed pasty white on my skin so I looked like a ghost, that had unpleasantly strong scents, that when applied to the face ran into my eyes and made them sting, or appeared to not be working as expected.

However, if you strongly prefer spray-on sunscreen, which as Melnq8 reminds can't be taken aboard in a carry-on, check the link Bokhara2 provided for Life Phamacy to see if it's carried here.

Remember, you can still get too much sun on a foggy cloudy day. NZ has higher UV levels when compared with places of similar latitudes and altitudes in the U.

There are a few reasons for this. One being there's less airborne pollution to scatter the UV rays, so more UV radiation reaches the ground. Send a private message to Diamantina. Find More Posts by Diamantina. Feb 5th,AM. Most major airports stock it, so if you could easily by it in duty free any get around the airlines carryon security rules that way. We just usually decant into our own ml bottles.

Send a private message to crellston. Find More Posts by crellston. Thanks everyone! As always on these boards, I much appreciate all of the expertise. Happy travels. Feb 5th,PM. Neutrogena makes a solid sunscreen; it looks like solid deodorant, and it has a high SPF level.

You wouldn't have any trouble packing that in your carry-on bag. Send a private message to ElendilPickle. Find More Posts by ElendilPickle. Feb 9th,AM. I've seldom found the need for sunblock in NZ We have less ozone down under, less pollution and in the summer the earth is actually closer to the sun. Sunburn can happen in only 20 minutes exposure. To Slip Slop Slap safe slap it on!

A Cancer Society product will be good quality - don't buy Sunsense facial sunscreen as it is useless. Send a private message to tasmangirl. Find More Posts by tasmangirl. Feb 10th,AM. Last edited by farrermog; Feb 10th, at AM. Send a private message to farrermog. Find More Posts by farrermog. Feb 11th,PM. Send a private message to cathies. Find More Posts by cathies. Feb 12th,AM.

Excellent advice all! I'll be traveling from sunny South Florida, so I have a healthy respect for the sun. I am now the owner of an assortment of sticks and powders and travel size lotions. Insect repellent was also a helpful note, and for that I have the wipes as well as some sticks, Slip Slop Slap. Thanks again everyone! Feb 15th,AM. You definitely need a good quality sunscreen for travel in NZ.

As Tasmangirl has noted you are much more likely to get sunburnt in Slip Slop Slap than Australia. I am very fair skinned and live in Australia Slip Slop Slap rarely have problems with getting sunburnt.

However On a recent visit to NZ to visit family, we had forgotten how easy it is get sunburnt even in a cloudy day and with relatively cool temperatures. Send a private message to Andee Find More Posts by Andee Feb 18th,PM. This is interesting for us consumers of sunscreen. Related Topics. Feb 12th, AM. Packing list for New Zealand, February Mar 29th, AM. May 16th, PM. Confirm your participation and hear from our expert panelists what good benchmarks for success are for this new cancer plan and what Europe needs to do to meet them.

Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov treks through the desert on his way home to his beloved wife after fighting on the eastern front in the Russian Revolution. Features a killer soundtrack, including one of my favorite songs of all time. Plumber Dima Nikitin, a municipal maintenance man who is studying engineering, discovers an apartment block is on the verge of collapse. He battles corruption and incompetence in an attempt to save the residents.

This is that film. Shurik Timofeev invents a time machine and accidentally sends the uppity superintendent of his apartment building and a petty thief back in time to the palace of Ivan the Terrible, while Ivan the Terrible is transported to Moscow in Watch it here. Watch here. Barbara Moens has the details. Royal Brussels British FC is looking for new football players to join their international team for the new season.

Training is on Monday or Wednesday evenings Slip Slop Slap Kraainem and matches are on Saturdays. More information here. Lovely photos here and here. Swiss National Day. Log in to access content and manage your profile. If you do not have a login you can register here. In the age of social media espionage, careless posts are a security risk. Hungarian PM says Commission plan is an improvement in tone, but not enough.

Foreign secretary says sanctions to be coordinated with US and Canada. Commission tries to satisfy everyone by allowing no one to claim victory. Alexander De Croo and Paul Magnette asked to take charge of final stage of negotiations.

The defiant strongman takes oath of office during a surprise ceremony in Minsk. Commission president hopes to overcome years of failure to build new EU-wide asylum system. Doctors believe the politician can make a full recovery. Just like refugees, people fleeing poverty deserve our protection. Countries could help with returns rather than taking in refugees. Announcement by Athens and Ankara came after more than a month of growing tensions. Embassy and MP Thierry Baudet deny claims that event was a fundraiser.

US president is pushing his own version of international law in Iran. Cyprus again blocks effort to punish Minsk for election fraud and human rights abuses. Audience infuriated by the Slip Slop Slap of social-distancing measures in the cheap seats. Clothes should be returned as evidence, Russian opposition leader says.


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  1. The Slip, Slop, Slap slogan has become institutionalised as the core message of Cancer Council's SunSmart program. The campaign is widely credited as playing a key role in the dramatic shift in sun protection attitudes and behaviour over the past two decades.
  2. You can stop skin cancer - say: 'Slip, Slop, Slap!' At a time when melanoma rates were climbing and evidence of the link between UV radiation and skin cancer was mounting, the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria (now Cancer Council Victoria) approached broadcaster Philip Adams – then creative director of an ad agency – to come up with a campaign that would encourage .
  3. Slop on plenty of broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen of at least SPF Apply 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours and especially after being in water or sweating. Slap .
  4. Slip on sun protective clothing that covers as much of your body as possible. Slop on SPF 30 or higher broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours when outdoors or more often if perspiring or swimming. Slap on a broad-brimmed hat that shades your face, neck and ears. Seek shade.
  5. Sep 04,  · A slip-up in the slip, slop, slap. By Anson Cameron. September 4, — pm. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text Anson Cameron.
  6. Slip Slop Slap Wrap Here's how. When to be SunSmart Sun Protection Alert See your region. Skin Cancer Checking for Skin Cancer Learn how. Home Page Learn more. Find information on UV radiation, Vitamin D, planning SunSmart events and more. Read more. Resources.
  7. Slop on broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun. Slap on a hat – broad brim or legionnaire style to protect your face, head, neck and ears. Seek shade.
  8. In Australia, an iconic ad campaign designed to cut the rates of melanoma in the country urged us every summer to “Slip, Slop, Slap! Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat.” Taking a leaf out of Sid the Seagull’s book, I hope you all slip out of town safely — remember to slop on the hand sanitizer and slap on a mask, and stay healthy out there! EU VALUESAuthor: Zoya Sheftalovich.

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