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Download She Gives Away - George Wallace (5) - Heroes Like You And Me (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Portrait - PRT 84923 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop •

Frank beat the shit out of me while his friends held me down. Over the next several weeks I fought with Frank and his friends every day. I didn't win the fights--one against three or four doesn't work--but instead of giving in I simply kept fighting. And losing. This set a pattern for my school years although I would get better at the fighting. One day our teacher, Mrs. McVay, noticed that I was having trouble fitting in, so she began giving me little suggestions every morning: "Why don't you play with so and so today?

Frank and I were polite but he gripped those paints way too hard; kept smashing the bristles against paper in red and blue explosions. It was in fourth grade that I fell in love with climbing trees. I'd get home from school, grab my rifle, climb a tree, and pretend that passing deer were Frank Segrest.

As I sit ten feet up an oak tree on this Minnesota nature preserve, I realize that forests up here lack the deep vegetation decay of woods down south. Still, its not bad. The preserve consists of a hundred acres of young scrub trees--a new-growth forest hemmed in by highways, train tracks, and suburban chemical-treatment lawns.

The tree and leaf smells blow with the wind, and I relax as the sun settles down. That's when my neck begins to itch. At first I ignore the itch--it's a mind trick, forget the sensation--but I finally reach back and pull a tick from under my collar. Little legs moving like rowboat oars. Body so thin it barely pops as I squish it between finger and thumb. That's when I see two ticks on my shirt sleeve. Several more on my kaki pants.

She Gives Away - George Wallace (5) - Heroes Like You And Me (Vinyl covered in ticks, crawling in ticks--ticks seeking bare skin past my clothes, shoes and socks. I jump and swear, one hand gripping a small branch as the other one swats away. If I'd been thinking, I would have calmly climbed down from that tree before stripping off my clothes and searching for ticks.

But who truly thinks when they're in a tick nest? So it is that my pants are down to my ankles when I notice a man and woman power walking up the asphalt path behind me. Three things happen, real quick like:. I spiral down the tree trunk, my tree-grabbing-arm grabbing as if we're in some Olympic gymnastic routine.

I take out three minor branches, one medium branch, and two vines on the way to the ground, where I lay back down in the dirt, legs straddling that tree like I'm looking for love in all the wrong places. The power-walking couple eye me with terror as they quickly trot on by. A few months into fourth grade Mrs.

McVay announced that governor George C. Wallace would be visiting our class. Like all politicians, Mrs. McVay must have known someone who knew someone who knew the governor.

And in one of her special attempts to help me fit in, she asked if I'd draw the state seal to decorate our classroom wall for the governor's visit. I came home that afternoon with a piece of posterboard and a copy of the seal. I told my mom that the governor was coming to visit our class and I had to draw the state seal.

Wary for the answer. I hadn't known there was more than one. I didn't understand why Album) parents couldn't share in my excitement. Still, my mom helped me draw a giant state seal. When my giant circles didn't quite circle, she showed me how to trace around one of her big cake pans.

I then drew the state and wiggled the curves and bends of the principal rivers--the Alabama, Tallapoosa, and Coosa--along with others rivers I didn't know. McVay hung my seal on the wall and said it was perfect. None of the other kids noticed--except for Frank, who said it looked like shit. As I said, the power-walking man and woman walked right on by me, a look in their eyes like I've been caught raping that oak tree.

Funny things jump to mind when you're hurt. Despite the scraps and blood, the shirt ripped to hell and my pants half off my body, I'm amazed at how color-coordinated the man and woman are. In addition, they line up. He's a foot taller than her, but the red and black waves of his spandex align perfectly with the waves of her spandex.

I can't imagine how they keep that alignment going--especially since they're almost running now to get away from me and my tree. When I can't see them anymore, I slowly stand up. Nothing feels broken. My right leg and side are bleeding but not badly. I shake the remaining ticks from my clothes and redress. My pants are also ripped and half the buttons of my shirt are gone. I look around for the tie I wore to the interview and finally see it up on the tree branch I fell from.

I leave it for the birds. After dressing, I walk a straight line limp to my car. That's when I discover that the asphalt path curves around, because after a few hundred feet here come Mr. Power Walk. Their faces scrunch into masks of forced ignoring. The woman has her hand in her little hip pouch. I imagine she preparing to pepper spray all my little orifices. As they pass, I smile, nod, go all comforting on my body language.

If I'd had on a big old cowboy hat and a hayseed in my mouth, I doubt I could have seemed like any more of a redneck to them. I didn't know George Wallace on a personal level. My Aunt Katie, she knew him. Knew him in his prime--the short, political firebrand with that oily pompadour which was never in style and a curling lip for words that'd jump crowd to screams into all hours of the night.

Katie Mae Crow was an amazing woman. Born inshe was a dwarf at a time in the south when children with disabilities were assumed to be that way because of some sin of the parents. Katie stood four feet three. No one knows why she came out that way, but her mom had a case of German Measles when she was three months pregnant with Katie. Our family always figured that's what caused it--and other people could take their ideas on sin and shove it up their preacher's rear end.

After graduating high school Katie saved some money and built a Texaco gas station a hundred yards in front of her parent's house on the old Troy highway. Back then that was outside Montgomery, and before the interstate system everyone driving south had to pass her station. She had a big barrel of oil in a shed out front of the store; if any car needed oil, she'd go pump her copper oil can full and then pore it into the engine. She did it all; even cleaned windshields with the help of a wooden step she kept by the pumps.

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Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: lincolnimp4. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Heroes Like You and Me. Format: Vinyl. See all 3 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price. Wallace's strategy was essentially the same as that of Dixiecrat candidate Strom Thurmond in in that the campaign was run without any realistic chance of winning the election outright, but instead with the hope of receiving enough electoral votes to force the House of Representatives to decide the election, something many observers thought might happen.

Wallace ran a campaign supporting law and order and states' rights on racial segregation. This strongly appealed to rural white Southerners and blue-collar union workers in the North. Both Humphrey and Richard Nixon were able to peel back some Wallace support by November; the unions highlighted the flow of Northern union jobs to Wallace's Alabama, a right-to-work state although Wallace publicly opposed right-to-work lawsand Nixon persuaded enough Southerners that a "divided vote" would give the election to Humphrey.

In the North, the former Wallace vote split evenly between Humphrey and Nixon. In the border South, Wallace defectors were choosing Nixon over Humphrey by three to one. Wallace's foreign policy positions set him apart from the other candidates in the field. Wallace also called foreign-aid money 'poured down a rat hole' and demanded that European and Asian allies pay more for their defense.

Not long after the campaign, Turnipseed began moving to the political left, joined the Americans for Democratic Actionand became active in the civil rights and environmental She Gives Away - George Wallace (5) - Heroes Like You And Me (Vinyl. Former Georgia governor Marvin Griffin was a temporary running mate in order to get the Wallace candidacy on the ballot in several states. Edgar Hoover as possible running mates. Benson and LeMay expressed interest, and Hoover did not even respond.

In June, the campaign looked into several members of Congress, all of whom were unwilling to attach themselves to the Wallace ticket. Wallace's aides came to favor Happy Chandlerthe former baseball commissioner and governor of Kentucky. It was hoped that Chandler could help put Wallace over the top in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida, where he was narrowly behind Nixon, and solidify support in Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina, where Wallace was leading. Wallace was cautious: Chandler had supported the hiring of Jackie Robinson by the Brooklyn Dodgersand was now more of a mainstream liberal Democratic politician.

Wallace was persuaded by early September; as one of Wallace's aides put it, "We have all the nuts Album) the country, we could get some decent people— you working one side of the street and he working the other side. Wallace retracted the invitation. Benson was barred by several Mormon leaders from joining a Wallace ticket; Benson's membership in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would have caused an image problem for the church had he joined the Wallace ticket.

Wallace ended up persuading Curtis LeMay, who feared being labeled a racist, to join the campaign. LeMay was chairman of the board of an electronics company, and the company would dismiss him if he spent his time running for vice president; Hunt set up a million-dollar fund to reimburse him for any losses.

Curtis LeMay was an enthusiast for the use of nuclear weapons. Wallace's aides tried to persuade him to avoid questions relating to the topic, but when asked about it at his first interview, he attempted to dispel American "phobias about nuclear weapons" and discussed radioactive landcrabs at Bikini atoll. LeMay again embarrassed Wallace's campaign in the fall by suggesting that nuclear weapons could be used in the Vietnam Warwhich led Humphrey to dub Wallace and LeMay the " Bombsey Twins ".

The selection of LeMay proved a disastrous drag on the campaign and was dubbed the "LeMay fiasco" internally. Wallace's campaign rhetoric became famous, such as when he pledged "If any anarchists lie down in front of my automobile, it will be the last automobile they ever lie down in front of" and asserted that the only four letter words that hippies did not know were w-o-r-k and s-o-a-p.

He accused Humphrey and Nixon of wanting to desegregate the South. Wallace proclaimed, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties," a line that he had first used inwhen his first wife, Lurleen Burns Wallaceran successfully for governor against the Republican James D.

Most mainstream media editorials expressed opposition to the Wallace campaign, but some southern newspapers enthusiastically backed him. George W. Shannon of the Shreveport Journalfor instance, wrote countless editorials supporting the third-party concept in presidential elections.

Wallace repaid Shannon by appearing at Shannon's retirement dinner. In this year's election, the only one of the three major candidates who is a true radical is Wallace. I cannot recall either Johnson in or Humphrey in campaigning on any positive or exciting ideas that might excite the almost-poor workers, whose votes they took for granted In contrast, George Wallace has been sounding like William Jennings Bryan as he attacked concentrated wealth in his speeches From to liberal Democrats governed the country.

But nothing basic got done to make life decisively better for the white workingman. When he bitched about street crime, he was called a Goldwaterite by liberals who felt secure in the suburbs behind high fences and expensive locks. When he complained about his daughter being bused, he was called a racist by liberals who could afford to send their own children to private schools.

Meanwhile, the liberal elite repeated their little Polish jokes at Yale and on the Vineyard ; and they cheered when Eugene McCarthy reminded them that the educated people voted for him and the uneducated people voted for Robert Kennedy.

Many found Wallace an entertaining campaigner, regardless of whether they approved of his opinions. To hippies who said he was a Nazihe replied, "I was killing fascists when you punks were in diapers.

The Wallace campaign was comfortably ahead in Alabama, LP, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Wallace's aides insisted that the campaign focus on winning the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. Wallace refused, stating that he was running a "national campaign," and traveled from Boston to San Diego in the campaign.

There were rallies in 33 cities in the North during this period, but Wallace stopped only one time each in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. On October 24,Wallace spoke at Madison Square Garden before "the largest political rally held in New York City since Franklin Roosevelt had denounced the forces of 'organized money' from the same stage in ". An overflow crowd of 20, packed the Garden while pro- and anti-Wallace protesters clashed with more than 1, police across the street.

In a now-famous reference to a protester that had lain down in front of Lyndon B. Johnson's limousine the year before, Wallace stated, "I tell you when November comes, the first time they lie down in front of my limousine it'll be the last one they ever lay down in front of; their day is over!


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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Heroes Like You And Me on Discogs. Label: Portrait - PRT • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop •/5(3).
  2. Heroes Like You and Me Format: Vinyl. See all 3 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price This VINYL LP is in a brand new condition. Product details. Vinyl; Label: Portrait; trade it in, give it a second life.
  3. George Wallace, Self: Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment. George Corley Wallace (August 25, - September 13, ), elected Governor of Alabama as a Democrat four times (, , & ) and four-time candidate for President (, , & ). Though he is best known for his belligerent defense of segregation, going so far as to block the door of the University of.
  4. Mar 23,  · Comedian George Wallace calls an audience member live from stage at the Flamingo in Las Vegas to let him know he's not winning the Smart Car Wallace is giving away.
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