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Label: Not On Label (Totus Self-released) - totus01 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock

Concluding, I strongly recommend this album to all fans of Dark Funeral and other similar bands in the genre e. Marduk, Watain etc. Attera Totus Sanctus provides the empowering thrill of evil, the adrenaline rush of speed and aggression, together with strangely beautiful melody. Enjoy, and Hail Satan. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Attera Totus Sanctus Dark Funeral. The guy imparted his touch to them and the result has the same presence as the rest of DF's albums, no less, no more; they vary in sound, not in level, unless you have small speakers or puny amplification. While I do not think I have reviewed the album here, I think I did a good job of defending it, and I feel someone ought to man up and write this at last.

Naysayers will continue to diss this gem, preventing the punters from adding it to their collections. But if I can make one fella buy and enjoy it, it will have been worth the while I took to compose and write this. Last but not least, H. It is so good and so evil, every Harley out there ought to have it painted on their gas tanks.

Get this milestone BM record or rot in hell bitches! I am sure that every upright reviewer tries to be objective, but honestly speaking, this is an impossible mission, at least in my case. Both "Diabolus in Musica" and "God Hates Us All" were a sheer disaster and therefore I was very lucky after having heard the first songs of "Christ Illusion", but I would have been slightly disappointed if Slayer had released this album directly after their masterpieces "Hell Awaits" and "Reign in Blood".

The perfect "Vobiscum Satanas" is just the tip of the iceberg. Well, let's ignore the ridiculous artwork, even though it would be interesting to know why their blue albums are always better than their red ones. The fourth full-length of the Swedish lumberjacks reveals many deficiencies. The production, for instance, is professional yet blurred at the same time. There are not many details to identify, I am listening to a constant noise without any remarkable ups and downs. This devilish inferno kills any trace elements of melodies and results in interchangeable songs.

I admit: it is still Dark Funeral and the band sounds neither experimental nor false. Nevertheless, the black excellence, usually created by the combination of uttermost vehemence and hellish harmonies, does not shimmer through the pieces and no single song is able to challenge their classics. The songs are destructive, beastly and ferocious, but simultaneously a tad flat, emotionless and faceless.

They pass by without leaving a perceptible impact and they are not able to create their own identity. Especially a certain degree of catchiness is missing. The here presented hailstorm with a duration of 43 minutes mirrors the uncompromising and laudable attitude of the Swedes, but it does not prove evidence for outstanding compositional skills.

No doubt, the inputs of each and every band member do not suffer from grave mistakes or technical inadequacies. Just focus on lead vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula I love this pseudonym He expresses the necessary level of aggression, harshness and hysteria.

But he fails to vary his voice and so his performance does not fully convince. His pretty monotonous approach matches the constant, more or less ineffective hyper-velocity. The fifth track is the first one where the band slows down the pace. Too bad that the guitar lines of "Atrum Regina" also fall short of expectations. Don't get me wrong, I am not speaking of musical declarations of bankruptcy. Nevertheless, a slightly stale taste cannot be ignored while listening to the tracks.

By the way, the lyrics are also questionable. Is it really the be-all and end-all to sing about attacking angels that are slain and to call a song "Angels Flesh Impaled"? Venom's "At War with Satan" already covered all aspects of the battle between good and evil - and this album was published in Moreover, the massacre's description of Dark Funeral has a puerile touch, while Venom's story was highly effective and simply breathtaking. After nearly 43 minutes, Lord Ahriman and his soldiers lay down their weapons and I cannot speak about highlights or low points.

I appreciate the material's vehemence and power, but I miss depth and exciting riffs. Anyhow, I take comfort from the fact that this pretty average output is still much better than the flops of Slayer or Venom "Calm Before the Storm", "Hell".

So it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to lend an ear to this work. Dark Funeral is a band that you either Regard - Totus - Totus (CD or hate. I consider both these attributes to be largely positive, and it works to great effect. I have been listening to this album for at least a year, but my physical copy only arrived a few days ago So I was surprised when I noticed that it had received such a low rating on Encyclopaedia Metallum.

Dark Funeral is a band which strives to appeal to its rather narrow forte, it has found its formula for success and wholeheartedly stuck with it.

As a result, Dark Funeral seeks not to appease those unfamiliar with the band, but to please their strong and passionate fan base with each subsequent release. As one of these passionate fans, I love Attera Totus Sanctus, just as I relish all their other albums. This album offers everything we have come to expect, with some added bonuses. Speed is a large part of the music; the sheer, unrelenting pace of the album is in-keeping with traditional Dark Funeral style.

Drummer Matte Modin outdoes his previous work on Diabolis Interium, contributing his incredible stamina and aggression through the ever-present blastbeats, whilst maintaining a highly technical approach and a really tight sound. The atmosphere of the album as a whole is really something to be praised. Guitars and bass blend in seamlessly with the atmosphere, providing the trademark black metal riffs for the most part.

However, more so than on any previous endeavour, there is an established eerie tone and an evil atmosphere, juxtaposed by strange and beautiful melody. For example the introductions of Atrum Regina and Final Ritual, provide such great melody that has yet to be experienced on a Dark Funeral album, and indeed, allow for the only respite from the consistent onslaught.

On a less melodic note, the chorus of King Antichrist offers a brilliant, eerie, yet almost understated tone that I find really enhances the song and shows for the evolution of the band.

His high pitched and prolonged screams are always impressive, while still achieving lows — encompasses emotions from pure evil and hate, to depression and lust.

Periodically throughout the album, however, his voice almost has a tinny effect to it, which feels out of place; but these occurrences are few and far between. These tracks really clicked with me, although the remaining songs are excellent in their own right.

Without a doubt though, the jewel in the crown is Final Ritual, the closing track. Concluding, I strongly recommend this album to all fans of Dark Funeral and other similar bands in the genre e. Marduk, Watain etc. Regard - Totus - Totus (CD Totus Sanctus provides the empowering thrill of evil, the adrenaline rush of speed and aggression, together with strangely beautiful melody. Enjoy, and Hail Regard - Totus - Totus (CD. This album meets the expectations, but doesn't exceed them.

This is one of the best that Sweden's own Dark Funeral has to offer, and they really have poured their black hearts into it. Repetition kills this piece, without a doubt, but it happens so often that you can get used to it, to a certain level that is. Now, about that repetition: the instruments are very repetitive, flutter picking technique sounds like the only guitar skill Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol even know.

Sure, a couple of power chords here, some single string tremolos there, but no solos? This is quite unsatisfying to say the least.

Flutter picking was the main benefactor of the repetition flaw, in every song you'll hear flutters, and not one solo. Of course the guitarists are skilled, and you know they have potential, but they need to expand their horizons if they ever want to break the chain of repetition. EMC's lyrics are well-played but not unique. Like any other satanic black metal artist, there's always a song or two about religion and how much god sucks.

EMC exceeded that expectation and wrote at least five to six songs about anit-christianity, an example of this would be "Godhate". If it's not about religion, it's about fucking a concubine and making her drink his cum ie. Honestly, the song sounds good in terms of instrumentals, but other than that he should really keep his raging boner to himself. He really needs to think outside the box a little and write about something else other than religion and concubines, if he does that then less repetition and more unique material.

Songs like " Voices Inside", "Feed on the Mortals" and "Angel Flesh Impaled" are fantastic because they separate themselves from the anti-christ themes for a bit. Call me a christian which I'm not by the way but I think singing over and over again about how much EMC hates christianity and god kind of gets old after a while. What more can I say, Regard - Totus - Totus (CD, the album was a bit of a downer because we knew what to expect from these guys, however I liked the album because it still brings back the old second wave of black metal vibe, which grows pretty strong by today's Regard - Totus - Totus (CD.

The guitars need to change so more power chords and less fluttering, and EMC needs to stop writing about his sexual fantasies, this is black metal, not an erotic novel.

I recommend this album, I bought it and all I can say is money well spent. Buy this album, even if you don't like Dark Funeral's stuff, because this album will help you to start liking them. This is frankly kind of disappointing even though it's Dark Funeral pretty much doing the same thing they've always done.

Articulating why this is so weak compared to 'Diabolis Interium' is essentially impossible; it comes down to things as simple but as abstract as the riffs just not being as good, the production leaving the guitars too far behind the perpetual double bass waterfall, the song structures and rhythms being too predictable for their own good, etc. It's not at all unlistenable, but none of the material on 'Attera Totus Sanctus' is as catchy or memorable as earlier Dark Funeral releases, which sucks because Dark Funeral is at its core a band founded on making catchy, infectious black metal songs.

Who know Dark Funeral could be so Dark Funeral's style of blast and tremolo-heavy black metal is still intact, but it seems to be done in an incredibly boring way. I mean, this has a couple decent moments; the first two tracks are probably the strongest, and ' Voices Inside''s chorus is probably the catchiest point on the album and likely the only one that will stick with you after the CD is back in its case. All the songs feel very drawn out and overlong, padded with more riff repetitions rather than actual, you know, Album) riffs.

I don't know, this album just comes across as lazy and derivative, which is really saying something given Dark Funeral's previous workplace ethos of 'play a riff on the third fret and then play it on the sixth fret'. Something has clearly gone awry. This is in no way unlistenable or really egregiously bad, but it is disappointing and a weak entry in Dark Funeral's catalog.

If you have to get one, grab one of the previous three albums instead of this; yeah, the cover art has an orange satan on it but it's just not the same, damnit! I never got why Dark Funeral gets such great acclaim around the world. Basically, Mikael 'Ahriman' Svanberg. Yes, 'Attera Totus Sanctus' is that bad. It's everything wrong with modern 'black' 'metal' turned into a single, omnipotent shit package.

Being greeted by 'edgy' song titles like 'King Antekhrist', 'Godhate ' and ' Cocks Inside Me' would lead one to believe that 'Attera Totus Sanctus' is at least entry-level, basic bitch Satanic Warmaster worship The result is an album so bland, so vapid and so tasteless that it makes even Watain's toothless sub IQ 'blackened' deathcore seem genuinely transgressive by comparison.

I cannot possibly comprehend someone fully enjoying this album unless they have the lowest of black metal standards or feel that metal as a whole needs to be 'taken down a notch' and resemble late Roadrunner legends Slipknot a bit more.


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