Distant Sound, Distant Land (That Mix) - The Larry Joseph Project - Young Giants Vol. 1 (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Distant Sound, Distant Land (That Mix) - The Larry Joseph Project - Young Giants Vol. 1 (CD, Album)
Label: Liquid Time Records - B000VH9KLW • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Disco

The Guardian 10 August : T4. Rolling Stone. Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc. November 3, January 26, Archived from the original on November 18, Retrieved February 7, Warp Records. Retrieved August 17, Retrieved December 31, Retrieved March 17, The Times of India. August 19, Retrieved July 2, Box Office India.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. United Kingdom Norway. List of albums released. List of years in music. Music from the Motion Picture Philadelphia. Get What You Deserve. She'd Give Anything. Here It Is. Richard Thompson. Whiskey for the Holy Ghost. A Constipated Monkey. Jimmy Eat World. Best of Bachman—Turner Overdrive Live.

Bachman—Turner Overdrive. Face the Music. John Michael Montgomery. Reality Bites. Motorcade of Generosity. For Your Own Special Sweetheart. No Doubt About It. Welcome to the Cruel World. UFO Record Semi-finale. UFO Record Labels. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. Moonlight Becomes You. Transilvanian Hunger. In the Nightside Eclipse.

Stereopathetic Soulmanure. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh. The Funky Headhunter. Live at the Acropolis. Woke up with a Monster. Martinis and Bikinis. Point Blank. Your Filthy Little Mouth.

Forever Now. Longing in Their Hearts. Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. The Seventh Sign. Son of Altered Beast. Above the Rim. Brand New Heavies. Not a Moment Too Soon. The Brian Setzer Orchestra. The Crow. The Divine Comedy. To the Death. And She Closed Her Eyes. How to Make Friends and Influence People. Crookt, Crackt, or Fly. Australian Melodrama. Let Love In. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. American Recordings. A Date with The Smithereens.

Last Day on Earth. John Cale and Bob Neuwirth. This Is Me. Season 1 Episode 9. All Episodes It is then decided that Betty, who has nurses training, will Director: Sobey Martin. Writers: Irwin Allen created byRichard P.

McDonagh story as R. Added to Watchlist. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Gary Conway Steve Burton Don Matheson Mark Wilson Stefan Arngrim Barry Lockridge Don Marshall Dan Erickson Deanna Lund Valerie Scott Heather Young Betty Hamilton Kurt Kasznar Alexander B.

Fitzhugh Paul Fix Brulle Henry Corden Janitor Wesley Lau Policeman 1 Harry Lauter First Cop Grant Sullivan Cop 2 Gary Tigerman Edit Storyline While out foraging for food, Barry collapses in pain and it soon becomes apparent that he is suffering from appendicitis. Genres: Sci-Fi. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Paul Fixwho played Dr. Yes, the giants are there but they are our bread! Bread is something we eat almost every single day!

Listen: There will be giants set up to oppose God's will for our lives, but they will be bread for us, consumed by the power of God, if we trust in the Lord and do not fear the enemy. Going forward in faith and believing what God has spoken into our hearts will empower us to successfully walk into the promised land.

Anak means to choke and to strangle as if strangling someone with a necklace. The devil wants to choke out, strangle, and suffocate the promise of God; often by a slow process. Album) Solomon said, "Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish, Distant Land (That Mix) - The Larry Joseph Project - Young Giants Vol.

1 (CD. The enemy wants to choke and strangle the vision. The devil just doesn't do it overnight. He's been working slowly on our mindsets every day since we were young children. Some believers carry mindsets into the kingdom that are opposing and blocking them from God's promise and God wants to set them free!

The enemy of our souls continues to use these same tactics in our lives. Ahiman means to block or hinder. This stronghold wants to block and hinder the Holy One's plan and the Holy One's purpose. Sheshai means to whiten or white wash. This stronghold wants to make something look like more than what it really is. Here's an example. A dirty, rusty, run down automobile has some paint thrown on it to make it look new when it isn't new at all. Talmai means to accumulate. The devil wants us to be so busy accumulating material goods and getting so involved in the cares of this work and into Distant Sound that we don't have time for God's purposes and promise.

The enemy wants something on the outside to look good but, in reality, on the inside, it's full of dead man's bones, white washed tombs Matthew It's hypocrisy. These strongholds try to get us to settle for something that's not authentic.

It's that "settle for this" attitude; no real life or motivation. Also there's an apathetic spirit operating that tries to color our thinking: "I guess this is what my lot in life is so let's not 'push the envelope. And the strongholds are trying to get us to accumulate, and they are working with other giants to oppose and rob us from God's promise and to keep us from entering our prophetic destiny.

We can see historically that when the Israelites confronted their enemies in one generation when they went in to take the Promised Landthey had to deal with them in another generation. And we're going to have to deal with these strongholds, too, when we take the land. We're going to have to go to "Hebron" ourselves and overcome not only the demonic strategies but also the mindsets that bring deception. When Moses told the children of Israel about the Promised Land, he said that God would "cast out" their enemies:.

So let's examine four more enemies that the Israelites had to confront in order to enter into God's promises: the Jebusites, the Girgashites, the Canaanites, and Hittites. Next week in Part 2 we'll take a look at three more strongholds -- the Perizzites, the Amorites, and the Hivites. Jebusite means trodden down. This tribe represents those who are discouraged, overwhelmed and defeated.

There is guilt, condemnation, shame, the spirit of heaviness and depression. I am beaten down. I am tired, I am weak. I am trodden down. It's like a heavy cloud on me.

The devil wants to overwhelm us, discourage us, and continually accuse us so that no matter how many times we ask God for forgiveness, we still feel condemnation.

Remember, the spies gave a bad report based on their wrong perspective. Yes, the giants were big, but God is bigger and they forgot this. So often we become overwhelmed and defeated because we can't see how God is going to get us from point A to point B and the vision is too big.

How Album) I ever going to step into what the prophet said about me? I don't know how God is going to get it done so I might as well give up. So He wants to impart vision. He wants to show us the Promised Land but, because of our mindset, we can't envision God's promises being accomplished in our imagination and dreams. The idea is too big. We're defeated because of perspective -- because we're like "grasshoppers" in our own eyes.

As a man thinks in his own heart, so he is Proverbs I'm not worthy. I want the call and the ministry that God has promised me but. And we're defeated and trodden down. Hope deferred has made the heart sick Proverbs But we can do what God said we can do! Maybe some of us know that there was a time that God wanted to use us, but now the years have passed by and we didn't step up to the plate. So, now we think God is finished with us and the devil is right there saying, "That's right.

He's done with you. He's passed you by. You're never going to be what He's promised. You can never get there. Look at you. Look at your circumstances. We're so overwhelmed with all the cards stacked against us.

Due to my past, everything was against me! I was the last man that you would pick on your team! The last man you would ever have believed God would use to shake nations and reach tens of thousands with the gospel would be me! Nothing in the natural qualified me!

Today pastors don't understand it! They love it, but they don't understand it! I was 21 years old and saved not even four years when I came into the ministry. That doesn't make sense to the natural mind. But I laid on my bed at night and I saw myself preaching in stadiums and giving altar calls.

I saw people coming to Jesus and I did the miracles on my bed in my mind's eyes. In my imagination my perspective changed. Our perspective is so important! Prophets had called me out and prophesied over me saying that I would reach the multitudes like Billy Graham did. Within the next six months, Lord willing, FFM will facilitate 10 crusades in six different nations! Today God entrusts our ministry with millions of dollars for mission projects. God has done it because he helped me not to let a "Jebusite perspective" of condemnation based on the man that I was before I was saved keep me from what God wanted to accomplish.

I said, "Devil, I may not know how it's going to get done in the natural realm, but I have God's sure word from heaven! Girgashite means the dwellers of the clay, the dwellers of the marsh, compromise or living in the grey areas. Revelation speaks about compromise: "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.

God said that if we are neither hot nor cold then He would vomit us out of His mouth v. We can't be in between; we must be either hot or cold. Compromise, discouragement, and condemnation work together. If the devil can't draw you into condemnation, discouragement, guilt or shame, then he'll try to trap you with compromise.

Here are some lies that involve compromise: "You don't need to be as radical and fanatical and extreme as they are. Just kind of keep it steady between you and the Lord. You don't want to offend anybody.

Let's just kind of keep it quiet. We need to be hot. It's either hot or nothing! If we're not hot Christians then what are we? You know when a person is on fire! The devil doesn't want you to have passion. The opposite of passion is apathy. So he is going to do everything he can to get you to sin because sin robs our passion for God.

Here are some of the devil's schemes: "Have a little pleasure. Don't be in complete sin. You don't have to go out there and tell anyone about Jesus. It's guys like you who give us a bad name, trying to tell us about Jesus. If God wants to save somebody, He's big enough to do it. He doesn't need us running out in the streets and embarrassing ourselves.

You're talking too loud about Jesus in the restaurant! We don't want to disturb the rest of the people. They're paying to eat here, too. So keep it down. If you keep talking so loud about God, I'm leaving the restaurant! Has compromise taken hold of your heart? Are you as hot as you once were?

Have you lost the lamp and the fire of your first love? Have you lowered your standards and your convictions? If so, then how are you going to enter the promised land?

The Girgashites got you! Canaanite means materialism. This is one of the greatest enemies today, especially in the western church. The spirit of covetousness will rob from us the promise of God. It says in Mathew"No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.

You cannot serve God and mammon. If we compromise and give up in our heart, defeated, feeling unworthy, then the Canaanite stronghold of materialism will come along and try to tempt us to accumulate as much paraphernalia and stuff as we can! And to pay for everything, the devil just gets us working seven Distant Sound a week for 12 hours a day. Then there's no time for Jesus or our family!

Materialism is about bigger toys and how much money is in the bank account. Did you know that it doesn't take long before success in accumulating cash and possessions makes it harder for us to be generous? We falsely think that with more cash and possessions we'd be such big givers, but what do we do with the money that we accumulate?

What would you do with a million dollars? Would you walk into the church and say, "Here's your hundred grand? But in reality, most of the time, it isn't for the kingdom of God at all. That spirit of materialism gets us focused on accumulating cash and possessions, trying to work more to get ahead, but it's a trap. Hittites means fear. They were a fierce nation that brought terror and fear into the hearts of their enemies. One of the ways that the spirit of fear works against our destiny is insecurity.

When Saul was chosen as the King of Israel and it was time for him to be presented to the people, he was afraid and so he hid by the baggage I Samuel Many of us can't step into the destiny that God has for us because of our baggage, insecurities, rejection issues, feelings of unworthiness, and because of our fears.

Or maybe you're hiding in your past, you're hiding in your baggage, or you're hiding in your trauma. In my life there was a time when I was fearful to be in the public eye in ministry because I feared that someone would dig into my past and pull out all of my "skeletons. As it turned out, national newspapers and television wrote and spoke about me, both the good and the bad. Your fear might be a stuttering problem and you think that it's impossible to ever speak publicly into a microphone. Or fear could be holding you back from going into the ministry because of anxiety over finances and quitting your secure job and living by faith.

It's so much easier having a secure wage. It will always challenge our trust in God. But we don't want to allow fear to be a barrier. God wants us to take steps of faith.

If we're stuck in a fear mode, then the exploits that God wants to do through us to advance His Kingdom won't be accomplished.

That's why God said several times: "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you. He wanted to encourage Joshua and the people not to slip into fear. So often we are afraid.

Look at the fortified cities! Or we get Distant Sound in our insecurities. God is commanding us to be strong and courageous! He wants us to be risk takers and get out of the boat and walk on the water! When God told me to quit my job because He was calling me into the nations, my first thought was this: Who the heck knows who Todd Bentley is? I don't have any invitations. I don't even know how to get started.

I don't have a ministry. I don't know how to go anywhere and where is my next pay check going to come from? But I had to purpose within my heart and count the cost. Do I want God's will more than my fear? So I said, "God, I'm going to be a risk taker.


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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Larry Joseph Project - Young Giants Vol. 1 at Discogs. Complete your The Larry Joseph Project collection/5(6).
  2. Young Giants Vol. 1 CD. The Larry Joseph Project (Author) Format: Audio CD. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and You're The Best~6. Funki~7. She's Pretty~8. We Can Make It~9. Singing All That Jazz~ Distant Sound, Distant Land (This Mix)~ Distant Sound, Distant Land (That Mix)~ Coltrane Lives Product details. Audio CD.
  3. Scripture References: Joshua ; ; and Suggested Emphasis: Elderly people can serve the Lord. .. Story Overview: The Lord had promised Abraham, long ago, that He would make Abraham’s descendants into a great nation (Genesis ). The promise had passed down through many generations. Now the people possessed all of the Promised Land.
  4. Dec 01,  · Directed by Sobey Martin. With Gary Conway, Don Matheson, Stefan Arngrim, Don Marshall. While out foraging for food, Barry collapses in pain and it soon becomes apparent that he is suffering from appendicitis. It is then decided that Betty, who has nurses training, will perform the operation. Steve and Mark then go to a local hospital to get the supplies needed /10(1).
  5. Oct 21,  · Land of the Giants () Season 1 Episode 16 - Duration: Peter Harris 5, views. Greyhounds of the Sea - History of the U.S. Navy Destroyer - .
  6. To donate by regular mail, use this address: Elijah List Ministries (Now a Non-Profit Ministry) 2nd Avenue SE Albany, OR or call: or
  7. Jan 12,  · Land of the Giants - Main Theme (First Season) - Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams - Duration: Frank , views.
  8. May 19,  · What are listed as tracks 4 and 5 are actually combined on the cd as track 4. Adjust the track labels accordingly. Read more. 4 people found this helpful. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Mark A. Smiddy. out of 5 stars A Giant Hit. Reviewed in the United States on September 24, Verified Purchase. Just the sound of the theme music would /5(11).
  9. This was their first visit to the land of the giants. Steve, Dan, and Mark stop them. The time machine pod that they came in, remained here and was taken back to Earth in by Steve and Fitzhugh--who had to return to the land of the giants, then let it go up again, empty, to save Val, Barry, and Dan from forest rangers on fire patrol.

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