Crazy - Swifty McVay - Underestimated Vol 2: Vengence (File, MP3, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Crazy - Swifty McVay - Underestimated Vol 2: Vengence (File, MP3, Album)
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Wells - The Digital Master J. Wells - Digital Master 2. Morning, G. Nogatco - Nogatco Rd. Nash - L. Nash L. Symphony - Unleashed L. Blige - What's The ? Mary J. The Remix Mary J. Blige - The Breakthrough Mary J. Blige - Growing Pains Mary J. Blige - My Life II Special Herbs, Vols. The Operation M. Salutes The St. Marxmen M. Cheeks - John P. Kelly Mr. Cheeks - Back Again Mr. Complex - Hold This Down Mr. Complex - Complex Catalog Mr. Complex - Twisted Mister Mr. Doctor - Setrippin' Bloccstyle Mr.

Doctor - Bombay Mr. Doctor - Doc Holiday Mr. Drastick - The Gladiators Anthem Mr. Focus - Man From Mars Mr. Kane - Pain Killer'z Mr. Len - Pity The Fool Mr. Lif - I Phantom Mr. Lif - Mo' Mega Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations Mr. Lif - Enter The Colossus Mr. Lif - Mo' B-Sides Mr. Lif - Sleepyheads 3 Mr. Lucci - Diabolical Mr. Mar - Me So Fly Mr. Marcelo - Brick Livin' Mr. Midas - Last Man Standing Mr.

Mike - Wicked Wayz Mr. Family Reunion 3. Show Me The Love 4. A Telephone Call Away 5. Someday We'll All Be Free 6. Nuthin' But A Party 7. Come In From The Cold 8. Exotica 9. Rainy Night In Georgia One Like You Living In High Definition Here on his latest project, Songs and Stories, due for release on August 25, he again dazzles with his creativity, soul, strength, and balance.

Keep an eye and ear out for it. When Daddy Gets Home Strange Town Yer Busy Little Beehive Follow The Man Some Folks Haven't Sinned In Years! Cell-O-Phone Chain Gang, Bang Bang Comin' Up Theventh I Don't Need Anything From the wreckage of roughly 20 nameless and faceless Los Angeles bands, Neon Horse arose as a collective of session musicians, home studio producers waiters, and postal workers who found a commonality among themselves as background players in the big picture of the L.

After passing each other at dozens of shows sometimes only to lend a hand with a busted chord or broken string, sometimes to keep an eye on the gear in the parking lot and sharing countless tables for after hours war stories, the rather clich d inevitable occurred and Neon Horse was formed.

Eclectic and manic, Neon Horse is a band of Rock and Roll roots in the purest form: An ever changing mercurial, addictive and at times, slightly bizarre continuation of Rock s re-inventive nature. Mother's Desk 2. Fear Is Like A Forest 3. Birdsong 5. Hidden Hands 6. It Must Come Through 7. Eden With My Eve 8. Time Among The Pines 9. Hidden Hands is like being handed a confidential diary and the album is a strong representation the country-rock grit and grace of the Endless Sea's live performance.

The design of the digipack was hand-crafted by Baptiste Cochard at l'Atelier Detour Cinematographic and melancholic, the music of Goodbye Ivan exposes voids and experiments with space. It is music for wandering into new, unknown spaces, referencing the styles of Radiohead, Sigur Ros and even Yann Tiersen. Back to Wilderness Ad Me Fly Like an Apple Spiders Glossy Papers Medusa King Kong Is Dead Travel in Vain Inspiration is said to have been derived through extensive touring around the period of that last record, as Joakim and his group formerly known as the Ectoplasmic Band honed their skills on the road.

Automatic Compulsion Concentrate Minor Keys Easy Spooky Martin Martin Acoustic Mall Monarchy M23 Guitar Man Black Jacket Broken Arm Taxi Gangs Of Riverside The Brightest Of The Head Altercation The Man Who Will Lead Thin As A Needle The Lucky Ones For Us White Fog Family Line Under The Milky Way This 2 CD set includes SF59 favorites, rarities, remixes acoustic versions, and covers from the group's ten albums plus two previously unavailable tracks.

But it's not that far from the truth. Now working as Speed Caravan with bassist Pascal Teillet and former Ekova electronic beat mistress Hermione Frank, the Algerian-French trio create music that references The Cure and The Chemical Brothers alongside Algerian rai and other Arabic influences in a glorious collision of global sounds and styles.

False Jesii Part 2 2. Half Idiot 3. Dream Smotherer 4. Pleasure Race 5. She Is Science Fiction 6. Request for Masseuse 7. Human Upskirt 8. Lip Ring 9. Spent R-Rated Movie Dominate Yourself Working with renowned producer Alex Newport who holds a Fudge Tunnel pedigree and has worked with such luminaries as At the Drive-In, The Locust and SepulturaPissed Jeans have pushed further into the raw, minimal core of heavy rock music with King of Jeans.

Masters of the mundane, beasts of the banal, high priests of the humdrum: these four, white, male high school graduates hardly look further than their own appendages for artistic inspiration, content to execute their own brand of brash and heavy punk music in the Joe Carducci-approved standard rock formation of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. From simple minds and simple fabrics comes this King of Jeans. And there can be only one.

Wild At Heart 3. The Way It Goes 4. Lead Me On 5. If You're Leavin' 6. You Said 7. Cry On Command 8. Over Me Now? Come And Save Me Even If I Wanted To Change Your Mind Time To Let Me Go Gloriana's self-titled debut reflects both the sheer talent of this up-and-coming group and the level of commitment that they have put into making every note count. Gloriana's soaring four part harmonies have been compared to music icons such as The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

Colson" 3. Steele co-wrote, or wrote most songs on her debut album, and the same on this effort. A music video for "Mr. Colson" was released on YouTube. Like their last release - 's Favourite Worst Nightmare - Humbug will be released first in Japan, on 19 Augustfollowed by Australia, on 21 August The release precedes the band's headline performances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of that week.

The album's cover was revealed on the band's website on 22 June Early previews of the album sest that it is a departure from the style of the band's first two albums, with a prevailing influence from lead singer Alex Turner's The Last Shadow Puppets - the same "laconic croon" has been adopted by the whole band, "injecting the Arctics with a new sound that sends them onto wild soundscaping adventures". The album has been described as has having a "carnival-esque atmosphere", but it is described as a "spooky and ethereal trip, a lysergic cavalcade that haunts every track".

The band themselves sested that the album would be "full-on", with tracks influenced by Black Sabbath, Alex Turner revealed that the band had listened to Jimi Hendrix and Cream while writing the new album. Can't Stop 2. Telephone Operator 3. Girlfriend 4. Get To Know You 5. Thinking About Her 6. You Know What You Do 7. I Want You Back 8. Untouchable 9. Lost And Found Get Out Of My Head The Only One Make You Mine Dance With Me That's right folks, "Eager To Please" has a little something for every fan of power pop and post punk music.

Happy 2. More than everything 3. Faithful 4. Away from here 5. The one she's after 6. Moves and movies 7. Ordinary 8. Anyway you play 9. Look back Run so fast Awake acoustic version Faithful Fuzzo remix Im Back Warner Bros. Records released it on June 11, and is set for a North American release on July We Are Golden Mirwais Vocal The Right Spot 2.

London 4. Heart of Glass 5. See You 6. What You Want To 7. Intervention 8. Desperados 9. Let The Right One In They knew each other since 3 years while DJ-ing together at a Stockholm rock club, but they never thought about making music together They shared a similar taste in music.

Almost instantly they discovered that their musical ideas, visions and experiences was complementing each other perfectly, and during the next two months they wrote and recorded ten songs in Lars home based studio. He has also been making electro-music under the alias of Kodji since the year The band name, The Exploding Boy, and the new songs spread like wild fire in the Stockholm rock and indie scene. In only a couple of months their music had been played by DJ…s at 15 of the best clubs in Sweden.

One of the demos found it…s way to the Swedish electro producer Sophie Rimheden. After being approached by a couple of record companies that liked the music and wanted to see The Exploding Boy perform live, Johan and Lars decided to gather some friends from the music scene to form a complete line up.

In the beginning of April rehearsals started with Mario, Nicklas, Stefan and Tord, all of them with a musical past from different beloved Swedish bands. Since the release of the self titled debut-CD, the demand for The Exploding Boy as a live act has constantly increased. In and the band managed to combine two short tours of France and Germany with the production of their second full length album.

The music and sound of The Exploding Boy has been updated and refined on Afterglow. The album has received great reviews, probably because it contains some pretty amazing songs.

Switch Off the Moment 2. Apple of My Eye new version 8. It is scheduled for release on 21 August in Ireland, globally on 24 August and on August 25th, in North America. Actaeon's Fall Against The Hounds 2. Anesthesia 3. Bar-Nasha 4. Ursa Minor 6. River Of Heaven 7. The Ballad Of Charley Harper 8. But clearly, Chasny knows heavy, having grown through times of heavy and times of light.

The other invaluable contributors to the album are Hans Teuber on flute, Tor Dietrichson on tabla, Matt Chamberlin on drums, and Dave Abramson on percussion. The arc of Luminous Night is wide as the sky, commencing with a stirring instrumental evocation of the Greek myth of poor Actaeon before flowing into the vocal, the vengeful, the ancient, the divine and celestial, scored with guitars, bass, viola, flute, tabla, electronics and synthesizer, as well as a buried-in-the-rain-soaked-earth-of-Seattle-then-exhumed four-track cassette that formed the basis of the instrumental Cover Your Wounds With the Sky.

What is it about the man that buries his sound in the ground? He has faith in the earth, for one. When we think of Six Organs of Admittance, we think of a man with six-string ambitions, a rambler with mystic beliefs and dark electric visions. But until then, we live. Six Organs of Admittance has lived to tell about it on Luminous Night.

Come Closer Oooh Yeah If Love Is the Drug C'mon C'mon C'mon Take It Down Music From Your Heart Make Me Heaven Is Burn Doubt Vampire Blues Pt. Compared to acts like My Bloody Valentine, Autolux, Eric's Trip, Th' Faith Healers, Dandy Warhols and even Swervedriver on occasion, they give a nod to their predecessors, but their music is a thoroughly modern marriage of diverse musical backgrounds and years of experience.

The trio completed their new line-up in the fall of with Jon Pynn on drums and guitarist Joel Tobman on bass both formerly of Shiver. They quickly gained attention and fans in Calgary by "charming audiences with their onstage version of a controlled nuclear reaction".

They made a "huge splash" at Calgary's Sled Island festival inand have been on a steady trajectory ever since. The group recently completed their full-length album, 'Loveallover', with producer Arran Fisher of The Summerlad. The album has been picked up by Pop Echo Records and is set for release in the summer of Black River Killer 2.

Silver Moon 3. Going Down 4. Shoulder Full of You 5. Black Rock 7. What is perhaps less evident from the title is that it also contains 6 more songs that have been, up to now, only available as a CDR that Blitzen Trapper has been selling at their live performances for the past year or so. The Art Of Doing Nothing 3. The Poet 4. Troubled 5. Your Hands Were So Warm 7.

Teenage Love 9. Whatever Happens I'll Love You Don't Say You're Sorry During a session with only him and the guitar, Andreas came up with the idea of starting a project playing only instrumental songs. He started adding vocals to some of the songs. This turned out to sound great. The first set up of the band was formed during Christmas Their first gig was held at The Tivoli, Helsingborg Album) early January of in connection to a music competition. Niccokick lost in their first contribution.

In April of the first demo was made and sent around to a bunch of people. During this period Andreas also fixed gigs in a very special kind of way. Each envelop was marked with only one letter, first N, then I and so on. The band was booked to the Emmaboda Festival of After a month, Andreas called him and wanted his thoughts about Niccokick. You sound good. Ronald says in their next talk. After a bunch of gigs, three EP:s and a producer that believes in their music, Niccokick is ready to save the world with their fragile pop that would make Neil Young and Stephen Malkmus faint of envy.

These Hands 2. January Twenty Something 3. Against Me 4. Even the Good Wood Gone 5. Into the Shadows of My Embrace 6. One Rose 7. On Rose Walk, Insomniac 8. Berkeley by Hearseback 9. The Blackest Purse The two records are each other's perfect foil: While last year's release found Yoni Wolf and the gang delivering a tight set of intricate rhymes, live loops, slurred hooks, and acerbic wit, Eskimo Snow offers a sung, sobering take on mortality that unfurls in lush waves of Americana and pop-infused psych-folk.

The vision for two separate albums emerged on a snowed-in night after a hot toddy or two. If Alopecia, however inexplicably, maintains a summery tone, then Eskimo Snow captures the bite and resignation associated with the Midwestern winters that these Cincinnati boys grew up with. Vibraphone likewise duets with piano, windy wordless vocals fly around the atmosphere, and wet footsteps soon carry us to "January Twenty Something.

Amid this folksy grandness, the whole crew sings for the chorus, bending their harmony into a gorgeously warped drawl. Next, "Against Me" brings the album's brightest moment yet: a crescendo of bells that eventually dips into an aural whirlpool while Yoni spins picturesque observations like a countrified Dylan. Across Eskimo Snow, Yoni weighs his ability to create a legacy against life's transience. On the luxe, pedal-steel-drenched "Even the Good Wood Gone," he transposes himself with a mummy in a museum, begging, "No flash photography," drawing a line from the dubious promise of fame to the brittleness of antiquity.

For "Into the Shadows of My Embrace," he explores sex and decay while the track vacillates between a live wall-of-sound and spare church organ passages. Most impressively, this record presents a band uninhibited, but evermore accomplished at imbuing sound with mood.

And when the titular song brings the album to a hushed close, Eskimo Snow's place in the narrative becomes clear. Rather than spit at death or threaten it with suicide, Yoni stops bucking against the inevitable.

In the process, the band discovers a rich place that the rest of us can happily live within. Seen It All 2. Astronaut 3. Shining Places 4. Calendar Girls 5. Starsign 6. The Queen Himself 7. Our Song 8. All You Do Is Crazy 9. The Girls Are Alright Hard Swallow Outlaw Ride the Artifact And, though the band has seen a few incarnations, it has ultimately evolved into a quartet of talented pop, rock and folk musicians culled from the North Texas independent music community.

Fate Lions was without a bass player at the time of the recording, so Nourallah stepped in to fill the bill while also producing the album. The result is a lush, bright and melodic pop album that takes its listeners through landscapes of 80s riffs and 60s fillers, while keeping its feet planted firmly in the present through brilliant tongue-in-cheek lyrics and original toe-tapping melodies.

Without absolving you of the sacred responsibility of listening to this album from start to finish with no commercial interruptions! They walk confidently forward, into Album) unknown, hand in hand. And 12 or 14 albums in, they may just be hitting their stride. Krime - Bonus Track Mr. Krime or dj Krime, Wojtek D ugosz born in in Krakow Poland-dj turntablist, musician, producer, record collector, music lover, from birth was deeply immersed in music and creativity.

His musical journey started in the tender age of 7, when he went to music school to learn about music and study violines and piano for over 12 years. In the early 90's inspired by the early hip hop stuff like RUn DMC Jam Master Jay and his older Brother MK Fever started to mess around with the turntables, becoming one the pioneers of the polish turntablism movement, he practiced hard on the decks and earned a few titles in the turntablitsts competitions- 2x Vestax Extravaganza Eastern Europe ChampionITF Poland Champion Nowadays Krime is being considered for one of the most remarkable personalities on the Polish dj scene, he's known for his great skills and musical feeling.

Seeing himself more as a musician than dj, and fascinated with genres like jazz, funk. Break The Glass 2. No Way Back 3. Sick Little Masquerade 4. Boy 5. Slipping Away 6. Pernavas Iela 7. The Shredder 8. I'll Never Know 9. She Is Poison Opera Lost For Words Out Of Time Stalemate Bonus Track Punctuality's Greatest Enemy Bonus Track Listening to their subsequent releases, the memory of what once was begins to blur and become little more than a myth.

You can actively deceive yourself that what happened back there was your fault - that naivety got the better of you, and you embraced Hundred Reasons far too readily. Only a powerful, popular start allows a band to drift on for so long in this manner, on towards the middle of the road. It is, at best, a decent pop record with a smattering of riffery that connects this band to their past. Shun that desire for rocking out and there are plenty of tunes to sing along with.

Accept them on these terms, and Quick The Word, Sharp The Action will win over the part of your soul that enjoys a bit of cheesiness. They imprison themselves in formulaic structures and then fight to break out of them - this is a band that desperately, desperately wants to tread new ground, yet because of their own limitations, and especially their kowtowing to melody, the task is beyond them. What do they want to be? And the crossover success of 'Feel Your Love' makes it that much sweeter.

High Time 2. Stand By Mode 3. These Old Ghosts 5. Ocean Ocean 6. When Worlds Collide 7. Repeat Offenders 8. Barely Alive 9. Today I'm Leaving Wer den Film "Black Sheep" gesehen hat, wird wohl auf Grund des Covers ein wenig ins Schmunzeln geraten, was der Musik auf dem zu besprechendem Pressst ck allerdings keinen Abbruch tut.

In co-operation with producer and composer Mads B. Krog a. Plateaux Techniques, Ayoe delivers an unheard and exciting combination of soulful vocals, acoustic elements and crunchy electronics, complemented by a touch of lo-fi jazz.

Ayoe Angelica is one of those young talents you unsuccessfully could travel around the world looking for. And then it turns out that she walks around in Scandinavia in the small country of Denmark. Ayoe Angelica wants to do quite a lot. Besides presenting us to some of the most intelligent music with hit guarantee heard in a long time, she is also a young woman with great social and human indignation.

A natural talent Ayoe Angelica is a natural talent, who started singing before she could speak. She grew up in the countryside of Denmark, and from her parents she received musical input stretching from Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald to Spice Girls. Today Is A Good Day 2. Autumn 3. Peace Is Only 4. States Radio 5. God Save Me 6. Disappeared 7. Ocean Rising 8. La Push Bad Harvest North Star New Model Army are a legendary global underground cult band. Formed by Justin Sullivan in Bradford intheir beginnings were inspired by Punk Rock, Northern Soul and the incendiary atmosphere of the times.

Since then, they have had a long, creative and eventful journey. After nearly thirty years, they have never lost the ability to change, to thrill or to challenge and they remain central to the lives of thousands of fans from all walks of life spread across the world. Mostly written last autumn in the wake of the Wall Street Collapse an event celebrated in the white-hot opening title trackthe recording was postponed by the sudden and unexpected death at Christmas of Tommy Tee, the band's long-time friend and manager.

However, with another long-time friend Chris Kimsey notable for his work with the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, Killing Joke and countless others at the controls, the album is now finished - once again filled with unclassifiable music and challenging lyrical ideas. Au Privave Blame It On My Youth My Heart Skips A Beat Stablemates From Dream To Dream Autumn Leaves Walk Soft War Child 2.

From The Sky 3. Anthropophagus 4. The Payload 5. Burnin' Rubber 7. Trophy Whores 8. Milton 9. Fords I think Hatebreed might be considered one of the biggest bands within that genre. We believe Jamey [Jasta is a big star, and we give a lot of credit to Victory because it sold the firstunits, and that's always the most difficult. Less than a year-and-a-half later, the label returned MCA's equity purchase funds and dissolved its rela- tionship with the company. MCA was shuttered shortly thereafter.

Brummel notes that although he respects some of his major-label coun- terparts, he does not abide by their business philosophies, especially when it comes to breaking bands.

The band's Victory debut. When Heather West joined Victory two years ago as director of publicity. Thursday was receiving substantial airplay on MTV2. She began coordinating press coverage with larg- er national publications that the label had not reached before but which were starting to respond to Victory's artists. West discovered something interesting in the process.

If they climb on board, that's great, but if not. Brummel and his dedicated employees have expanded his company, partnerships and fan base organically. As a result, their hard work and perseverance are reaping big dividends today. We don't really have stiffs here because of our fan base.

His records are not selling The band's album. Kuliak adds that Victory has recently started an active rock campaign with Atreyu that initially began in three markets. You have to go with your passion at that point.

The bulldog logo is pretty representative of his management style. He constantly attempts to challenge the system. About four years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a day at the Victory warehouse, and while there I sat in on meetings and saw the inner workings firsthand.

Victory has managed to stay loyal to itself and to the underground scene; even though they are a 'big label,' many kids still consider them underground. These guys are real music lovers.

Its bands are continuing to tour Canada, and retail has opened up its shelves to Victory [acts], treating them with the respect the label deserves. Tony is a very good record executive. He's difficult to do business with], but I chalk that up to passion.

He believes in what he does. He believes what he does is right, and if] any- body questions that, there might be some friction. He also dissed MCA when he saw how shallow the major label game has gotten. Brummel proudly notes. Bayside was No.

From hardcore and metal to emo and screamo, Victory Records continues to discover and promote bands with tena- cious followings and potential for wide- spread exposure. The fact that Atreyu will be on the second stage at this sum- mer's Ozzfest offers proof of that. When you have good records and good people, good things happen. It's been a remarkable relationship between us. He's done a remark- able job of branding his company. It's given us an enormous amount of credibility in the independent com- munity, and over the years we've real- ly established his presence.

Tony's been very successful at what he does. Victory is without question one of the largest indies out there. Ten successful years Is a great achievement and milestone. We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you. Point of fact statements shall not indemnify said client in the ipso facto grade of the manner of metal subseguiecense ascertained by the interminable meritorious stand upon which this belief shall be stated In requisite the above stated partological inreferendums shall withhold no or in part recuse the method ologica!

Ad infinitem the above staled clause shall not in any way be material to the sub- sequent enforcement of said such reactive sense of Victory Records in accordance with the above stated statutory indifference neither in part or in whole the aforementioned client shall, or be privy to the statements provided hereunder.

To the party involved without clause shall maintain and and set a de factor subset of the para- graph lined in totology, set forth and stricken at the behest of the aforementioned product viper Sustained via the de facto catalogical clause within the the second paragraph, third line subsection four of the keep your toes tome, the case law as stated within the referendum specifically method whereby said parties shall enter into the fourth section as stated in subparagraph C.

En defenso de the market reality of issuance in such manners the undersigned with or without scooter sticks shall have the above mentioned third party insist upon the dialogue set for within set statement.

No properties either real or otherwise shall be henceforth ascertained or rescinded and all rights privy there to shall withhold the indemnity of the persons therefor willing to enter into said contract non binding in totology Removed from said clause shall be the stricken right of the fairneedle, as stated in case law In celebrence with the accord set forth understory, shall be asunder duly noted and state within the contracts and conscripts attained above Through no event either bereft the entitled to the above state re fact Catch 22 was on Fuse's "Oven Fresh.

At the same time they know what our music is worth to their programming, and obvi- ously their viewers are telling them that they need to be playing this stuff.

That's what it boils down to — the people that will potentially buy the music are supportive and say- ing that it needs to be played. You are the sole shareholder of the label. Would you ever want to go pub- lic? And if so, how would that change the nature of your business? That's why we're able to do what we do. We're a privately held record company — no board meetings, no quarterly reports; we do everything from the gut.

I know that's why we're successful, and that's part of the reason why the majors are having problems. It's art, but these public companies have to make their shareholders happy and hit their quarterly numbers.

It's not about art, it's just about product and pushing out as much as you can for billing, Album), and a lot of times at the sac- rifice of an important artist's career. It needs to go back to how it was in the s and s, when the people that started the first record companies in. America were all independents. They weren't Harvard and Yale graduates; these were guys that liked music. They were guys that hung out in clubs. It seems like that's what we're swinging back to.

We don't care about first-week sales. It's nice to have a good showing so peo- ple know the record is real, but my barometer is, "Where is the record in six months? Where is it in 12 months? It is our job to stick with it. If we were a public company or part of a major, we would never be able to do half of what we do.

There would be somebody telling us to stop. What is the longest it has taken to break one of your acts? A lot of times it takes six months before anything real even gets started. We've got several records where that's the case right now. Like Atreyu. Their debut album will be seeing its biggest sales ever, and we're going to drop their new album at the end of June.

How cool is that? There is not one major label in the world that can say that they've had a situation like that. Not one. Taking Back Sunday's record will be out two years [in April], and we're see- ing the biggest sales on that record, too. You hear stories from people who work at majors or visit majors — whether it's a lawyer or a manager or an artist — about how depressing it is, how quiet it is and how there are empty desks and cubicles. It's crazy over here, man.

There is major electricity in the air. I'm kicking my employees out of the office at nine o'clock at night. We have a very busy release sched- ule for — probably about 25 lalbums]. This summer alone is going to be huge for us.

Those are going to be three huge records right there. Aside from that there are other records that are currently selling and active by Silverstein, Bayside, Between the Buried and Me, Spitalfield and the other great records we're going to be releasing. We definitely have our work cut out for us.

If we release Taking Back Sunday's record the right week, it could poten- tially be a No. It will [at least] be top five. The current album will be gold within the next few weeks. Their fans are beyond passionate.

A lot of what we do boils down to viral and direct marketing, street teams, the Internet, trend spotting, data mining, customer feedback and being a fiscally responsible business. We are mystique engineers. A lot of what we do is extremely clandestine and nontraditional. We are addicted to adversity and thus use many nontraditional methcxls to market and promote our artists.

What we do is very intriguing and attractive to the artists that come here and the people that buy their albums. Everyone involved knows that this is something very special. What advice would you offer to a young kid who wants to start his or her own label? Be sickly passionate about what you do. Congratulations to Victory Records on your 10th Anniversary!

Where and when did you live in the Caribbean? We lived in Nassau, Bahamas, from late to late — basically 2nd to 7th grade. I was accelerated from 4th to 6th. How did that experience influence you and the work you do now?

It sculpted me, it created my mold. Socially, it made me immune to many of the imperfections of American society. People there operated from "can to can't" — sun up to sun down — with very little. No one beat around the bush.

Honesty and loyalty were total. There was an unerring sense of community. That per- formance — on and mostly off the stage — was the most composed act of defi- ance I will ever see. It was revolutionary and liberating. I knew from that day that I would be involved with something important, something that touched people.

Being involved with music is a wonderful and enriching gift when you truly realize its power and cultural significance. To this day, I credit my favorite artist — Peter Tosh — for turning me into a year-old island rocker. This has always been a very noisy kid since it was born 10 years ago We won't tame this wild teenager, but help him kick ass in Switzerland. Perennial package-tour successes Ozzfest and Vans Warped will return for their ninth and 10th install- ments, respectively.

According to the Billboard Boxscore, Ozzfest drewattendees and Warped drew Lollapalooza is also slated to return, even though last summer's revival stumbled with canceled dates in some markets Billboard, Aug. The high-profile festival did not crack the top 25 grossing tours in WMA also has plans to introduce a new franchise, Marley Family Presents, which will feature several family members of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Festival planners believe that concert fans will embrace all these concepts if each can shine in a dis- tinct way. Event lineups must be alluring and ticket prices need to stay competitive, since fans will face a slew of choices this summer.

Clear Channel Entertainment also extended its touring reach by open- ing a new division devoted to creat- ing new festival projects Billboard, March 6. Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Continued on page 31 Season Continued from page 27 Boston-based independent promot- er. The record business is really suf- fering, but live music is still a unique experience — you gotta be there.

We're Second To None Our large coliseum can be used for a wide variety of events, everything from trade shows and concerts to conventions and rodeos! For service that is unparalleled to none, give Carey or John a call and make your next event a tremendous success! BoxSalem, Virginia Visit us on the web: www. Dennis Arfa, president of Writers and Artists Group International, which represents such acts as Metal- lica, Rod Stewart and Billy Joel, adds: "I'm optimistic about our roster, and about the industry in general.

That said, nothing in the music business is a sure thing. I think the business is healthy, as long as we don't try to force things on people they don't want to see — they ain't coming. Per-show attendance was down 8. Such efficiency seems to indicate CCE was more prudent in the shows and tours it bought, which Lucas does not deny. Promoter Seth Hurwitz of I. But that's good for guys like me. I'm not under pressure to book something. These companies in turn compete with a host of highly active independents from coast to coast.

It will take innovation and multiple-priced events to get more people out in the future. Say an artist has 40 dates on a tour, we might have 32 of them. I think the industry is realizing there is a difference in the promoters that you can use; [independents] have the time and inclination to really promote shows.

We are all affected by the relative lack of new artists as tick- et sellers. Acts that can't get a lot of money the rest of the year go out in the summer, because they know they can get paid by people that don't care about the net" Dennis Arfa, president of Writers and Artists Group International, notes that the touring land- scape holds a nice mix of perennial favorites that tour every year and artists that go out on the road less frequently.

A proliferation of buildings exacerbates the problem of more venues than artists to play them. So they shouldn't expect [music] promoters to fill them up. Kind of like us - the small company that provides big events. Our 5th anniversary is a large milestone for us, and it gives us a small opportunity to remind you that we're here today and here tomorrow to deliver the best in live entertainment.

Vanguard artist Mindy Smith is playing select headlining shows. Smith will tour throughout the spring. Jay Williams at the William Morris Agency booked the dates. But I'm the kind of person who has to ease into everything. The artist's cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," a duet with Parton. Nashville labels vied for Smith's original songs before she signed with Vanguard.

I'm the next big thing. MtvU teamed up with the punk- rock quartet on the date trek that began March 25 at the Metro in Chicago. MtvU airs at more than colleges across the country.

The club is nicknamed "Taho Wabo. April May 2. Planners will break ground in December, with a targeted completion date of Last September. S0 Fresno Calif March5 S7G0 4fl 'iii Feb 29 S21 7. Sacramento Calif Feb. Chicago March 5 4. Feb 22 SI Roaemont til. Hershey, Pa. Tsongas Arena, Feb. Feb 28 SI a? COM 30 www. Festivals Continued from page 28 Warped tour, is confident he will offer a one-two punch with afford- able ticket prices and major head- liners — including New Found Glory and Good Charlotte, who shared the bill on the Honda Civic tour.

To keep ticket prices down, Lyman says that groups agree to perform for less than their usual artist fees to par- ticipate in the budget-conscious tour. Despite its cost structure, Warped still draws first-rate acts because it is credited for breaking many of today's pop-punk superstars, includ- ing Blink, Good Charlotte and New Found Glory.

The date tour kicks off July 10 at ctnow. Osbourne assured fans of his per- formance health, insisting "I'm ready to rock, man. In contrast, Bonnaroo June in Manchester, Tenn.

The festival's marquee features Bob Dylan, Trey Anastasio. Radiohead will headline the event, playing its first West Coast summer festival gig in recent memory, and the Cure is back after a long touring absence. To top it off, the Pixies have chosen Coachella as the site to kick off their reunion trek.

Although the band is playing about a dozen warm- up gigs beforehand. We've been going after them for so long," says Paul Tollett. From its easy load-in and spacious backstage areas, to the service- j Lln oriented mentality of our experienced staff, nothing else compares.

Located conveniently in the heart of the country, Sawis Center can handle full arena shows or more intimate settings in The Concert Club. And our year track record of playing host to some of the industry's biggest events speaks for itself.

For booking information, contact Dennis Petrullo, senior vice president and general manager, at or dpetrullo sawiscenter. Comprising vibist Bobby Hutcher- son, trumpeter Nicholas Payfon. It will perform original material as well as adventurous explorations of the works of Ornette Coleman, with new arrangements by Gil Goldstein. I felt strongly that a special band not be just a repertory ensemble, primarily playing the music of the greats like Louis Armstrong or Theloiuous Monk.

The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra is a wonderful group, but we've chosen a different path. The first three weeks were dedicated to rehearsals and educational outreach in the community; the last two weeks are per- formance-oriented.

This band is all about pushing jazz forward. Jazz is a living, breathing, moving art. We wanted to present that instead of constantly looking backward. We're creating some- thing entirely new with this resident project.

It's a new environment and a new concept for jazz musicians. It's quirky, angular, offbeat and beautiful. We are integrating his works into our band's sound. Visit w"ww. He performed "In a Sentimen- tal Mood. This is the darkest period politically that I've experienced, last night was like therapy.

Some of the frown lines today are gone from my face. Ted Siro- ta's Rebel Souls' compelling post- bop, swing-to-avant outing "Breed- ing Resistance" Delmark is the latest album to dynamically do so. Crazy - Swifty McVay - Underestimated Vol 2: Vengence (File pairing hopes to aid parents and educators striving to keep music pro- grams in schools.

Frank Sinatra launched his trailblazing popular- music career with swing trombonist Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra.

On April 6. Bluebird Records will release for the first time songs from the pair's early-'40s NBC radio broadcasts. On March In the most suspect jazz release of the month, Shanachie Entertainment delivers "Jazz for Couch Potatoes," a collection of jazzed-up versions of TV show themes.

Guitarist Chuck Loeb leads the band on the album. Summerfold Records. Smalls Records, an outgrowth of New York's now-shuttered Smalls club and newly opened Fat Cat venue, has been launched to document such older and lesser-known artists as tenor saxophonist Ned Goold and drummer Ari Hoenig.

A spinoff of the Brooklyn-based OmniTone label. ToneSdence is releasing purely improvised music directly from its Web site tonescience.

Sitting, from left, are Hutcherson, Rosnes, Redman and Zenon. Both are in their late 20s. King's 21st Century Blues Records released the set March Select-O-Hits distributes the 5-year-old label. Its title is where 21 C-B-Boyz gets its moniker. But, he adds, "these labels aren't developing new acts or reaching out to the younger generation. He has toured with the Roots and Common. He has also studied with jazz patriarch Ellis Marsalis. Both had recorded independent projects prior to fusing their sound under King's direction.

With the resurgence of spoken word and conscious hip-hop, the timing couldn't be any more perfect" Nearly 10 years have elapsed since King's blues hip-hop foray. From da Hood," was released. Despite the success of "0 Brother" and a visibility boost that last year's PBS series "Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues" gave the genre, commercial radio remains a tough sell.

But with the support network he has built within the past decade, King is forging inroads through alternative strate- gies. His four-member staff works from a mailing list of stations that carry specialty, syndicated and NPR-type pro- grams.

He is also approaching club DJs. Through this division. King licenses the label's music for vari- ous projects. He is currently working on the soundtrack to the upcoming Ray Charles biopic. King sings and has a role in the movie, while Baby Wolf has a cameo. A three-minute video for a blues artist doesn't work, And this is a better scenario than spending a couple hundred thousand on something that doesn't bring in any income.

A college tour is also being discussed. King is in discussions with two English acts about projects in a "hip-hop rock blues" vein. King says he is not opposed to having some help from the majors, noting that he has talked with Verve and Blue Note. I just saw a huge void for contemporary blues — and I'm trying to fill it. April 1 marks the 20th anniversary of Mar- vin Gaye's death. The Motown alum would have turned 65 April 2. Gaye represents one of several piv- otal chapters in Motown lore.

But his degree turn culminat- ed in the seminal album "What's Going On. Just as vital and fresh as it was then, Gaye's timeless vision under- scores how truly powerful music can be. As he noted, "I felt the strong urge to write music and to write lyrics that would touch the souls of men. He wasn't afraid of confu- sion or contradiction. He let it all out In his personal life, if the various voices inside his head remained in con- flict, he brought those same voices into harmony in the studio.

He not only I sang exquisitely, he felt I exquisitely: he wrote I exquisitely; he wrote hon- I estly. Above all. Let's Get It On. His lyrics are so brilliant and still relevant today.

We need to keep that legacy alive. Gaye's visage is also being con- sidered for a U. It airs later in the spring, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the United Negro College Fund.

OutKast picked up two awards and shared enter- tainer of tile year honors with Beyonce. Janet Jackson and R. Kelly were saluted for their career achieve- ments. For a complete list of winners, visit billboard.

Behind the scenes. Jimmy, was a member of 70s group Brick. Father and son are planning an album together as well as a remake of Brick's crossover hit "Dazz. Selling in Atlanta now. Viclory 20O4 Salt Shaker Me. Bentley Famsworth. Diddy" Combs, is striking out on his own. Handle styles range from alligator and croc- odile to diamond. He's also getting in touch with his musical side.

Be- cause she is touring soon, the song- stress is holding auditions for backup singers March at Indre Studios in Philadelphia The U. The two will tie the knot April 4 in Laguna Beach, Calif. The always- smiling Parker possessed unflagging enthusiasm for life and the music biz. He will be sorely missed. Vhu a. Inc All tights leverved 34 www. OIfl W. C AieAtO:- H. KALI A. M LA' I'. IUl BB. A AiA'. A'A Album) B. C PAE. IE SDH '. A KAA. II A: HIE Mi''-'. Notorious B I G, 50 Cent. EI'i' AM mf,'.

B'- AE. AM:tBi O S. B IBj. O BAE A li. O Frankee -BEA. J J El ElB. F SOU! V 'EE. ABB SB. E 1IEE. J', ". BiE 5E. H-'tii L. Duad on mMhtn. W vnii auj. D titty Rock. Stroke 01 Genius! Too Hot For TV. Ihit RIAA m. VTA label. VNU Busmfss Media. But this year, the carnival's grand finale Feb. Industry leaders say the piracy problem is compounded by the fact that local music does not get enough support on the island.

Between and are promo- tional — that is. About of the carnival songs released this year actually received airplay, with one-quarter of those songs receiving steady rotation. There is a cultural and economic responsibility for the government to do something. In late US. TUCO calypsonians and the ing his approach to songwriters.

They're cool about it. It's something that's social, enjoy- able. They're composers, but they want to sing. Esencia has hosted performances by lop song- writers in the Latin market, including Omar Alfanno. Alejandro Jacn. Last week's series featured Cesar Lemos and Manolin. The composers' willingness to per- form, for free, without promotion, TV or radio, underscores an encouraging message: For some, musical essence is still more important than hype.

The next Esencia takes place April 7. But when Spanish becomes a battle cry for a sports institution, it's time to take note. Florida baseball team the Marlins' official song for the season will be in Spanish. The song was penned by Jorge Fonseca. Melina Leon's label was misidentified. She is signed to Sony Norte. Somebody has to look out for them, and the government must step in.

But he stopped short of saying he would mandate the suggested quota. In his stinging carnival hit "Sing Boy Sing," for example. Shad- ow — a beloved, year-old.


ЖЫ - Бест Оф ЖЫ (Mixtape) (File, MP3), Art Of DeeJays - Kontres (Vinyl), 1er Soukous, Amok Doctrine - Nervecell - Psychogenocide (CD, Album), Curtis Knight & Half Past Midnight - The Harley Song (CD), Herşeyden Çok (Enstrümental), Żółty Słoń / The Yellow Elephant - Novi* - Bossa Nova (CD), Reel


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  7. Dec 14,  · The Villain is the second studio album by American rapper Trick-Trick. The record features guest appearances by the likes of Big Sweetz, C.A.C, Eminem, Esham, Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson, Goon Sqwad, Ice Cube, Kid Rock, Marv Won, Paradime, Royce Da 5'9", Throatslash, and his Mathis Family Choir group.5/5(2).
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